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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does collect my payment?

EyeCEonline is a FREE service.  We merely provide links to other web-providers who offer the actual CE content.  EyeCEonline does not endorse or represent any particular CE provider or organization.  All material presented with reference to any particular course is copyrighted by the originating website.  We are not responsible for lost CE hours, non-functioning websites of providers, erroneous course charges or other billing issues.  We are definitely not responsible for determining what your local governing body regulations are regarding acceptable CE courses.  Having said that, we do strive to maintain an accurate and thorough listing of approved courses.

How do I take a test for course XYZ?

Each site has it's own requirements for testing.  Usually, you will be presented with an option to take the test on the last page of the presentation.  Some sites require you to return to the main page and log-in again to see the test taking options.  A few sites require email contact with the CE coordinator or a written/faxed exam.  Review each site's requirements before investing a large amount of time!

I saw a link for a specific topic, but now it is gone. What happened to it?

This site links to multiple other websites. Occasionally, sites discontinue specific CE courses, or in rare cases, the entire CE program. When a link no longer connects and a new link is not able to be established, the course listing is removed from our database.

Why do you keep expired courses in the listing?

Even though a course has expired (no longer eligible for COPE credit), if the page still exists we maintain a link.  Many expired courses have excellent educational value and are worth taking a look at from time to time. Occasionally, a CE provider will resubmit a course to COPE for a renewal of approval.

Can course XYZ be used as CE in my state?

Each state and providence in North America seems to have their own requirements for CE approval.  The closest thing to standardization is COPE approval.  When in doubt, check your state board's website or contact the board directly for explicit approval.  

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